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Even the best designed equipment ages, but it does not always mean your investment should be gone.Depending of the characteristics of the ware and tear, our experienced engineers will provide a refurbishment concept, which will be implemented on site by our specialized fitters.

Depending on the original design this can also offer the opportunity to upgrade the existing product, improving on your operation stability and output.The advantage of such a refurbishment is, that the equipment does not need to be replaced.

There are no dismantling and assembly works of the facilities around necessary.The life time will be extended and you may save the planned investment for supporting your growth.

  • Reconstruction of the static bearing structure
  • Reconstruction of the chemical barrier layer
  • Repair of thermoplastic linings
  • Retrofitting of thermoplastic linings
  • Maintenance work according to the test report of a notified body (e.g. TÜV)
  • Documentation of the completed refurbishment work

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