Competent, Safe, Flexible

Plant installation and on-site support complete our range of services. Deep understanding of our customers needs allows us to react in a flexible and fast manner offering repairs and maintenance of customer production lines and facilities worldwide.

Our experienced and qualified employees as well as our in-house quality management ensure that all works are performed in compliance with the highest quality standards.We are also available for on site surveys of any of your composites equipments, be it provided by Plasticon or not, to provide professional assessment of the state of your equipments.

Our state of the art laboratory and partner network allows Plasticon to offer your company the in depth knowledge you need to safely operate your plant.

  • Piping Assembly / Adjustments
  • Installation of Scrubbers and Containers
  • Film Linings and Repairs
  • System Optimization
  • Plastic Welding and FRP Works
  • Maintenance and Repair Works
  • Production and Delivery of Spare Parts

How We Work

Indicate what kind of problems you are facing.
Plasticon China builds your custom solution on-site or offsite.
Setup & Support
We install the build with warranty training, and long-term support.

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